Are You Getting Younger?

In his little book, If Ye Shall Ask, Oswald Chambers says that the outlook of a Christian should be one of increasing child-like wonder, exuberant expectation, and energy.  What if the passing of youthful vitality is optional? What if we can actually get younger with every passing day?  I’m not talking about the “second childhood” of senility, but the ever-increasing first childhood of the New Birth.

See what you think.

Have you ever noticed the “wondering-ness” (if I may coin a word) of the people who go on with God? They never seem to be over-anxious or overconcerned, and they always seem to be getting younger.

What is the characteristic of the people of this world who have not got the child-heart? They are always sighing; they have mental and spiritual rheumatism and neuralgia, moral twists and perversities, and nothing can rouse them. Why? They need the child-spirit, the Spirit that was given to the disciples after the Resurrection, and in its fullness at Pentecost, then nothing will turn them aside.

After Pentecost there was the sword and great persecution and they were all scattered abroad, but nothing could stop them preaching the word. There was a hilarious shout all through these men’s lives because of the mighty baptism of the Holy Ghost and fire. There was running then! No power on earth or heaven above or hell beneath could stop the tremendous strength of the child-life of the Holy Ghost in them.

Have you got the wonder in your heart to-night, my brother, or are you sighing, “Thank God I have managed to squeeze enough grace out of God to last through this day”? Blessed be the Name of God, all the unsearchable riches of Christ are at your disposal!

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