GAFCON and the Anglican Communion

People often ask about the relationship between the Anglican Churches worldwide that have joined GAFCON (Global Anglican Futures Conference) and the Anglican Communion.  This essay by Dr. Stephen Noll is an excellent place to start.  He includes the text of the Jerusalem Statement from GAFCON’s founding meeting in Jerusalem in 2009 and a brief commentary on each clause.

Here is a quote:

The Gafcon fellowship, to be sure, is not a church but a communion of churches that God raised up when the official Communion abdicated its authority to maintain doctrine and discipline in central matters of Christian faith and life.

Dopamine Detox

Three-weeks ago I decided to make some radical adjustments to my online consumption.

Week 1: I committed to no YouTube, and only looking at the headlines — the “front page” of my usual news sources. No clicking.

Week 2: I renewed my YouTube “fast” and upped the ante on the news: I committed to not even opening my news websites at all.

Week 3: Renewed my Youtube “fast” except for the C.S. Lewis prep for Adult Ed.  Continued the news black out.

This is Week 4: Last week my nephew sent me a link to the video below.  I told him I would have to wait till today to watch it.  I’m still on news blackout.

Turns out the video confirms what I am starting to do.  I can already feel the difference.  So far I think the American political soap opera has not felt my absence, and I have certainly not missed the “characters.” I find them boring.

WARNING: This YouTube contains some “honest” language and deals with some adult struggles.  I doubt the creator is a Christian.  But the insights are valuable.

This week I am allowing myself one hour of non-church related YouTube, in case you are wondering.  I’ve already used 30 minutes.

A Prayer From the Heart

This hymn was the anthem of the great Welsh Revival.  I hope it blesses you as much as it has me.  I’m particularly moved to hear it sung by young voices.

I’d love for us to learn and sing it regularly at St. Peter’s.  Could it become our anthem too?

The lyrics are in Welsh.  See English below.


1 I seek not life’s ease and pleasures,
Earthly riches, pearls, nor gold;
Give to me a heart made happy,
Clean and honest to unfold.

A clean heart o’erflown with goodness,
Fairer than the lilies bright;
A clean heart for ever singing,
Singing thro’ the day and night.

2 If I cherish earthly treasures,
Swift they flee and all is vain;
A clean heart enriched with virtues
Brings to me eternal gain. [Chorus]

3 Morn and evening my petition
Wings its flight to heaven in song;
In the name of my Redeemer,
Make my heart clean, pure, and strong. [Chorus]