Dopamine Detox

Three-weeks ago I decided to make some radical adjustments to my online consumption.

Week 1: I committed to no YouTube, and only looking at the headlines — the “front page” of my usual news sources. No clicking.

Week 2: I renewed my YouTube “fast” and upped the ante on the news: I committed to not even opening my news websites at all.

Week 3: Renewed my Youtube “fast” except for the C.S. Lewis prep for Adult Ed.  Continued the news black out.

This is Week 4: Last week my nephew sent me a link to the video below.  I told him I would have to wait till today to watch it.  I’m still on news blackout.

Turns out the video confirms what I am starting to do.  I can already feel the difference.  So far I think the American political soap opera has not felt my absence, and I have certainly not missed the “characters.” I find them boring.

WARNING: This YouTube contains some “honest” language and deals with some adult struggles.  I doubt the creator is a Christian.  But the insights are valuable.

This week I am allowing myself one hour of non-church related YouTube, in case you are wondering.  I’ve already used 30 minutes.

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