The East Africa Revival

In Sunday’s message I referred to the East Africa Revival.  Here is a great message from GAFCON 2013 in Nairobi.  The speaker in Dr. John Senyonyi, Vice Chancellor of Uganda Christian University.  He tells of his experience growing up under the influence of the revival.

Bishop Foley Beach is the new Archbishop of the ACNA

Praise the Lord!  I could not be more grateful.  I believe that Bishop Foley has the kind of heart that God is looking for in a leader, one whom He can trust with His gifts and blessing.

I am reminded of 2 Chron 16:9: For the eyes of the Lord run to and fro throughout the whole earth, to show his might in behalf of those whose heart is blameless toward him. The context of this verse is King Asa’s failure to seek the Lord in a time of crisis, but rather to take things into his own hands with disastrous results. The Lord sends the prophet Hanani to rebuke Asa, saying, “Didn’t you know that God is looking for men with the kind of hearts He can empower.?” In this context, “blameless” simply means a humble heart that seeks the Lord rather than relying on his own gifts and capacities. I know we have all seen this kind of heart in Bishop Foley.

Let us intensify our prayer for Bishop Foley and for our beloved Church.  No doubt there were disappointments in this decision.  We must pray that there will be no root of bitterness anywhere.

Bishop Foley will continue to be our Bishop.  He will not move to Pittsburgh.  The provincial office will simply move to Loganville, GA.  That’s how it works.  Loganville is a perfect place, really.  Easily accessible through Atlanta (we sort of).  Their present facilities are more than adequate.  I expect he will need an assistant or two to help him run both the Diocese of the South and the Province.  We may not see as much of him as before, sadly, but he will still be our bishop.

“How Christian Worship Forms Christian Faith”

I attended this conference last week in Ambridge, PA.  I highly recommend these videos if you want to dig deep into the treasures of our tradition of liturgical worship and see how these ways of worship are relevant and needed today.

I have them listed in the order in which they were given, and the are all great. But if you only have time to watch one, start with the last one by James K A Smith.  In it he helps us understand how we are being formed all the time by the “liturgies” of the market place.  He explains that the commercial world understands how human beings are moved and formed better than does the church.

As human beings we are moved by longings far more than ideas.  And our longings and desires are being shaped all the time, mostly in a godless direction.  It is easy to see that the world has a definite interest in forming our longings toward things that can never satisfy and leave us always hoping to find (and buy) the next thing that promises happiness but never delivers. The church tends to think we can counter the toxic liturgies of the world simply by providing good information.  But character is formed by what we do, and the communities in which we are immersed, far more than by what we hear (in a sermon or lecture). This applies to what we normally think of in worship, but also to other things like shared meals and activities in which we act out our faith together with others in service and obedience.

Edith Humphrey: “The Lord Is For The Body: Matter and Epiphany in Christian Worship”

Timothy George: “Christian Preaching in Liturgy and Life”

James K. A. Smith: “Liturgical Discipleship: Worship as the Center of Spiritual Formation” 

Amazing “Pastoral Letter” from Planned Parenthood

This letter is amazing.  It demonstrates what St Paul told us long ago: The final result of a mind that refuses to acknowledge God is a 180 degree shift in ethics.  Wrong becomes right (see Romans 1: 28-32).  As long as abortion is recognized as sin redemption is possible.  Declaring abortion to be right removes the only hope for healing those who carry the aching soul-wound of a sacrificed child, which can only be found in God’s loving forgiveness.  The same is true for any sin.  Refusing to call it what it is blocks any hope for redemption and leaves us with no escape from guilt.

Great New Resource: “The Angican Way” have just found out about a new book.  Hot off the press. We may want to think about this an adult ed or small group resource. It is available from Amazon in paperback or kindle and an audio version is coming soon.  You can also buy directly from the author, and with that get a free downloadable pdf version.  Or…. if you want to get the pdf for free or whatever you think is a fair price you can go to this link.  Amazing.