Lewis would go as far as to say that the future of civilization depends on how we understand and practice equality.  Do you hear how often this theme appearing in the media?  Do you think what our politicians are offering us is the path to wholeness and joy?


CS Lewis On Ethics

This graphic rendering helps us understand Lewis’ profound essay. Though written out of his own post-WWII context it could not be more timely for us.  Fascism and Communism have not gone away.  Nor have those calling for new ethical systems.  I would strongly encourage you to set aside an hour–better if you can do this with a friend or two–and give this your close attention.  The presentation is only 30 minutes, but you will want to stop it from time to time along the way.  Lewis will help you think about MAGA, Socialism, environmentalism, globalization, social media and why so many people seem completely lost at sea.

What I’m Reading (actually, re-reading)


I want to highly recommend this book.  I read it about a year ago and have just pulled it off my shelf for a second go.

It is written from a secular perspective but has many excellent, potentially liberating insights.  Scripture tells us to “be anxious over nothing.”  Easier said than done!  Often I have felt like my prayers fit this formula, “Dear Lord, [worry, worry, worry]. Please help me. Amen.”

One of the most interesting insights is that there is no such thing as “stress”.  You might want to argue with the author about that!  Aren’t we all “stressed out” much of the time?  Doesn’t “stress account for most of our bad moods and bad behavior?  The author gives a very helpful very different perspective.  Helpful because there is often almost nothing we can do about “stress.”  There is something we can do about _____ (what stress really is).