Altar Guild — A Valuable Resource

We recently received the following email from the office of the Anglican Diocese of the South.  It contains links to a new manual for those serving on Altar Guilds — the faithful folk who prepare the Altar Table for Communion every Sunday.  In addition to the details of the Communion set-up there is also a wealth of information about vestments, colors, and Anglican worship terminology.


Attached you will find a fresh copy of the ADOTS Altar Guild Manual.  I hope you will take it, adapt it for your needs, and train some folks (if you have not already) to serve on your Altar Guild.  I cannot tell you how much having a good Altar Guild has blessed me over the years in setting up and cleaning up after Sunday services, weddings, baptisms, funerals, and other special events.  Since we have various customs and Church manners throughout the diocese, this is written to be flexible to your situation. 
Click  HERE to print out a copy. Or you can go and have your people go to the  THE ADOTS WEBSITE   for a very user-friendly version.
Thank you to Susan Burkart, Gail Kelly, and Janet Smiley for their work on this, and the persistent efforts of the Lay Advisory Board of the American Anglican Council under the leadership of Bill Bugg for getting this done.

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