Asbury Seminary Chapel: Kinlaw and Coleman

Just want to let you know that Dr. Dennis Kinlaw will be speaking at Asbury Seminary Chapel on Thursday, Sept 26th at 11:00 AM.  I highly recommend that you try to come.  It is a rare opportunity.  If a group from St Peter’s comes over, we could enjoy a nice lunch together afterwards in the Dining Commons.  Believe it or not, the food is excellent!

Also, the whole week of chapels October 22, 23, 24 is devoted to The Master Plan of Evangelism.  This mighty little book was first published in 1963, fifty years ago.  Dr Coleman will be speaking, as well as several prominent Christian leaders who have been influenced by Dr. Coleman.  Alas, I will be in Kenya that week.  But I strongly encourage you to think about making the pilgrimage over to Wilmore to attend some of these chapels.

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