Kinlaw Message

Most of you are familiar with Dr. Dennis Kinlaw through the daily devotional book, This Day with the Master. We give a copy to every saint at St Peter’s.  Here is sample of one of his sermons titled, “What God’s Power Alone Cannot Do.”  I hope it will be a blessing.

Right-click the link below to download the message

Dr Dennis Kinlaw–What God’s Power Alone Cannot Do

Parenting–Matt Walsh to the Rescue

Matt Walsh has the 3-6 PM slot on WLAP everyday.  He’s a young (28), conservative talk radio personality.  He also published a blog.  I really appreciated his latest post of Sept 15 on parenting.  It’s not political.  I am sharing it with you because it relates to what we are trying to do at St Peter’s integrating our kids into family worship. It’s a little “gruff” but he makes some important points.  See what you think.

Diocesan Synod


Let me encourage all the St Peter’s saints to consider making the trip down to Loganville, GA for the diocesan synod.  This annual event is not for clergy and delegates alone.  All are welcome.  It is a great time of refreshing and encouragement.  As you can see from the website there is also an impressive line-up of teachings.  Come and get a feeling for the bigger picture!

Be Thou My Vision

If you missed Jackie’s message at the Women’s Dessert at St Andrews last week, here is the link to their sermon library.  Once you get there scroll down to Sept 9.   The theme of the event was “Be Thou My Vision.”  Jackie offers a fresh look at the importance of praise, and particularly the Canticles of Morning Prayer, for gaining the right orientation and vision for each day.

Mere Anglicanism Conference January 23-25

Nothing like Charleston in January.  It’s not the Bahamas, but it is warmer than Kentucky and the Mere Anglicanism Conference each year is always a blessing.  The line up this time is impressive.  I’d go just to have a chance to be in same room with one of my true heroes, Peter Kreeft.  I would like for us to think about taking a group.  It is a great encouragement to be with other Anglicans and to seriously engage important issues together.

CS Lewis’ Screwtape Letters on Stage

screwtape_1022_thumb Some of you have read Screwtape Letters.  We also may remember Dr. Devon Brown’s Lenten series at St Andrew’s.  A high-acclaimed stage production of Lewis’ classic is coming to the Brown Theatre in Louisville, Saturday September 28.  Here is the link for more information.  This production is the work of the Fellowship for the Performing Arts.  There mission isto produce theatre from a Christian worldview that engages a diverse audience.”  Here is a copy of their latest newsletter.  They are currently beginning production of Lewis’ Great Divorce.

Asbury Seminary Chapel: Kinlaw and Coleman

Just want to let you know that Dr. Dennis Kinlaw will be speaking at Asbury Seminary Chapel on Thursday, Sept 26th at 11:00 AM.  I highly recommend that you try to come.  It is a rare opportunity.  If a group from St Peter’s comes over, we could enjoy a nice lunch together afterwards in the Dining Commons.  Believe it or not, the food is excellent!

Also, the whole week of chapels October 22, 23, 24 is devoted to The Master Plan of Evangelism.  This mighty little book was first published in 1963, fifty years ago.  Dr Coleman will be speaking, as well as several prominent Christian leaders who have been influenced by Dr. Coleman.  Alas, I will be in Kenya that week.  But I strongly encourage you to think about making the pilgrimage over to Wilmore to attend some of these chapels.

Patient Practice Makes Perfect

Last evening we discussed briefly an excerpt from this essay that Rick Saenz brought to our attention.  I think it is well worth your time and reflection. Let me also recommend this youtube video by the same author, Philip Kenneson.  Dr. Kenneson teaches at Milligan College, and is the author of Life on the Vine:Cultivating the Fruit of the Spirit (IVP).  Here is the Amazon link for the book if you are interested.