Rev. Wm Taylor’s Exposition of Ephesians 5 at GAFCON–At Last!

I was heart-sick that the video of this teaching by Rev. William Taylor did not find its way on to any of the GAFCON internet outlets.  Fearing a potential glitch I had purchased a dvd of the address from the conference before I left.  When I got home and tried to play it I found it was either heavily edited or coincidentally damaged at the most important and controversial points. That is still a mystery.

I am thrilled to find that the text at least has been posted.  For me this teaching was the high point of the conference.  Here is the great take-away quote: The local church, in its life lived out, is to be an eruption of the cosmic victory of Christ.

Here is some info about Wm Taylor and his church, St. Helen’s Bishopsgate.  The website is chock-full of great resources including some video Bible courses.  I would love go and spend a few weeks with them.  What a great model for a full-service, fully-engaged missional Anglican Church.

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