Odyssey Opening Ceremony–From the Sheras

Margie just sent this in:

Opening CeremonyHello St. Peter’s Family!!!!

We are having a blast! Here is a picture of last night’s opening ceremony. There are over 5,800 students participating from the US and from about 10+ countries. The kids are on the main floor and the lower deck of the bleachers. The rest are families and coaches.This is our view from the top.

Ellie and her team had the best team performance ever today! They have one more event to be scored tomorrow at 2:41.

Thanks for your love, prayers, and support!

We love you all so much!!!!

Margie, David, Ellie, and Brennen.

ADOTS Intercessory Prayer Conference, August 27, 28, 2014.

I hope we can take a group of St Peter’s saints for this very important gathering.  See email below from Rev Ty Bragg:

Dear Fr. Mark,

I am currently secretary of ADOTS Standing Committee and prayer coordinator for the diocese.

At present, the diocese has a small number of prayer warriors and intercessors committed to praying for special needs. We are small but the ministry is far reaching. It is my goal to increase our number and the ministry.

You received a note addressed to Rectors and Pastors from Bishop Beach recently concerning prayer and the upcoming Prayer Conference:

“You probably know of my heart to get people praying. August 27, 28, we are sponsoring a Prayer Conference for clergy and laity who have a desire to pray. Please help us out by sending Ty Bragg (Trinity Church, Douglasville) the names of your key prayer warriors and intercessors in your congregation. He would like to reach out to them and get them involved in the conference. His email is tybragg@msn.com.” Bishop Beach May 15, 2014

There is a tremendous opportunity to support the diocese and special needs of the parishes.

ADOTS is on the verge of something very special for the Kingdom. This is an opportunity for those called to the ministry of prayer to help build the diocese and increase the kingdom.

I ask two things:

1) Please, have your prayer team leader contact me.
2) Please, consider and make plans for yourself or representative to attend the ADOTS Intercessory Prayer Conference, August 27, 28, 2014. The cost will be $50.00 with a far greater value. More information will follow.

You may contact me through the following: tybragg@msn.com
404-862-7232 cell

In His service,

Ty Bragg

Ads Ads Ads!

It has just been brought to my attention that advertisements sometimes pop up on my blog.  WordPress is a platform for bloggers.  I knew that the free version, which I use, might include ads occasionally, but I didn’t think they would bother, since my traffic flow is pretty low.  Anyway, I apologize for anything tasteless or out of character with a church blog.  If they do something totally outrageous I may need to upgrade to the non-ad service.

Daniel in Alaska

As some of you know, our son Daniel went to Alaska this summer and managed to sign on to a salmon boat.  After a week of preparation this AM they cast off.  Prayers appreciated.  They are a very young crew of three: Captain (23), Daniel (22) and one other deck hand (21).  Not sure what kind of communication to expect.  They anticipate being out for the month of June without returning to port.

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Thinking Clearly in a World of Virtual Knowledge

This is an excellent post by Asbury NT Professor Ben Witherington.  Here’s a quote.  I hope you will take a few minutes and read the rest.

Human beings have an infinite capacity to convince themselves they are seeing or experiencing or learning something, when in fact they are fooling themselves. My point in this particular post has to do with virtual knowledge, the kind you often find for free on the internet. The kind that can get you in a heap of trouble and make you a bad witness to what the Bible actually says and teaches.