Others Are Discovering the Daily Office

These two videos come out of New Life Church in Queens, NYC.  Their story as a church is also quite interesting in itself.  I am particularly fascinated by their discovery of the Daily Offices, a practice that has been the anchor of Anglican spirituality.  Thomas Cranmer condensed and simplified the more rigorous monastic prayer cycle making it more accessible to the average layman.  I highly recommend Morning and Evening Prayer to all of us.  The longer forms are in the front of our prayer book.  In the back there are shorter forms more suitable for families with small children.

Video 1         Video 2      Story of NLC

No Reserve, No Retreat, No Regret

Bethany Tennent preached this message recently at St Andrew’s.  I highly recommend it. God is still calling young people to the greatest privilege of all, to give themselves for the gospel.  I am proud to report that the vestry voted this morning for St. Peter’s to become a regular support partner with Bethany.  She returns to Tanzania early next month.

Bethany Tennent- No Reserve, No Retreat, No Regret

Right-click on the link about and choose “Save Link As” to download the message.         Feel free to burn copies.