ACNA and the Anglican Communion

I reported during the coffee hour Sunday some of the conversation that has developed in the blogs around the Archbishop of Canterbury’s declaration that the ACNA was not part of the Anglican Communion, right on the eve of the Investiture of Archbishop Beach.  Here is a helpful article providing more details.  I agree with the writer that Canterbury emerges the loser in this.  But this is not a time for triumphalism.  His loss is our loss too.

The warm blessing and encouragement sent by Pope Francis to Archbishop Beach further “enriches” this dialog.  Here is an interesting take on this from the English press.

Even at this late hour it is not too late for ++Welby to change course and embrace the convictions of the majority of Anglicans worldwide, though the price would be high.  Do pray for ++Welby that he will seize this unique moment in history to offer apostolic leadership in the spirit of Saints Peter and Paul for the sake of the gospel.

Supplemental Material for Phil 3 Sermon

Here is the link to the TED talk by David Brooks that I mentioned in the sermon yesterday.

Here is the link to the great section on Phil 3 in the IVP Commentary.

If you want to see what Paul had in mind when he talked about “pressing on” take a look at this old video of the “Miracle Mile” on Aug 7, 1954, when Roger Bannister and John Landy both finished in under 4:00 minutes.  Incidentally, Bannister, a young medical doctor, was running with a severe cold and Landy had stepped on a flashbulb barefooted the night before and was running with stitches in his foot.  Note the amazing sportsmanship of both men in the post-race interviews.  Its been a long time since we saw this kind of attitude in elite sports.