Supplemental Material for Phil 3 Sermon

Here is the link to the TED talk by David Brooks that I mentioned in the sermon yesterday.

Here is the link to the great section on Phil 3 in the IVP Commentary.

If you want to see what Paul had in mind when he talked about “pressing on” take a look at this old video of the “Miracle Mile” on Aug 7, 1954, when Roger Bannister and John Landy both finished in under 4:00 minutes.  Incidentally, Bannister, a young medical doctor, was running with a severe cold and Landy had stepped on a flashbulb barefooted the night before and was running with stitches in his foot.  Note the amazing sportsmanship of both men in the post-race interviews.  Its been a long time since we saw this kind of attitude in elite sports.

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