God is Not Indifferent!

The indifferent cannot think of a reason to seek God and cannot imagine that God would have a reason to seek them.  What blindness to the human condition!  What ignorance of the self!  How can a blind man remain indifferent to the physician who can restore sight or the starving to the benefactor who can supply food?  Can the suffering remain indifferent to relief or the dying to life?  Can the lonely and lost blithely ignore the clearly marked way home?  What a different picture we see in Jesus Christ!  Even when God did not matter to us, we mattered to God.  Our indifference to God cannot make God indifferent to us.  God enters the human sphere to seek the lost, heal the sick and raise the dead.  The extent to which we matter to God is revealed in the passion of Christ giving himself for us.  God opens his heart in a way no human would or could do, to his enemies, to strangers and to the indifferent.  And for those who see and believe, God’s love creates love in them, love for God and all those whom God loves.  And in their joy they know that nothing else matters.

From God, Freedom and Dignity, Ron Highfield, p. 216

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