New Wednesday Evening Study with Dr. John Oswalt

This Wednesday, April 8th, we will begin a 4-week study with Dr. John Oswalt from Asbury Seminary (bio).

Come at 6:00 PM for a light snack supper — sandwiches, fresh veggies, fruit etc.  (Feel free to bring something to share, if you like, but the basics will be provided).  The study will start at 6:30.

We will be looking at the Letter of 1st John. Dr Oswalt will be following his very practical little book, On Being A Christian.  Copies will be available for purchase.

“Just as a three-legged stool sits securely on the ground regardless of how rough the surface is, there are three essential evidences of the Christian life – love, obedience, and belief. When all three are present we have a truly stable and fruitful life.” 

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