Confirmation Classes Foley Beach will be at St Peter’s Wednesday Evening, October 21st for a Confirmation Service.  We encourage all baptized Christians who have not yet been confirmed to consider taking this opportunity.  We are not likely to have many more visits from Archbishop Foley now that he has taken on his new role with the Province.  He has had a special relationship with St. Peter’s from the beginning and consecrated our building on the day of our founding.

Confirmation is a great and ancient Christian blessing, with roots tracing back to the earliest days of the church, when the Apostles laid hands on new Christians and prayed for them to receive the fullness of the Holy Spirit.  It is also a time when those who were baptized as infants or children to publicly profess their faith and their commitment to the baptismal vows that were said on their behalf.  It is powerful sacramental act through which a deep inward and spiritual grace is conveyed through outward and visible signs–the hands and the prayers of the bishop as God’s appointed means of grace.

Here is what our catechism says about Confirmation:

What is confirmation?

After making a mature commitment to my baptismal covenant with God, I receive the laying on of the bishop’s hands with prayer. (Acts 8:14-17; 19:6)

What grace does God give you in confirmation?

In confirmation, God strengthens the work of the Holy Spirit in me for his daily increase in my Christian life and ministry. (Acts 8:14-17; 19:6)

Those who have been confirmed in other churches that share the same basic understanding of its meaning, e.g. the United Methodist Church, the Episcopal Church , various Lutheran traditions, may be formally received into the Anglican Church of North America at the same service.

During this service all of us will have an opportunity to publicly declare our loyalty to Jesus Christ, and recommit ourselves to His service.

Note: Confirmation or reception into the ACNA is required for full membership at St. Peter’s.

To prepare for Confirmation, Alice Lindsley has graciously agreed to teach seven sessions son Wednesday evenings from July 22nd through September 2nd from 7:00-8:30 PM at St. Peter’s.  Child care can be arranged as needed.

As you can see from the topics listed below, these classes would be helpful for anyone wanting to explore more deeply the Anglican way of following Jesus Christ.  You do not need to be preparing for Confirmation to attend.

Week 1: Anglicans and the Authority of Scripture
Week 2: Anglicans and the Creeds/Ecumenical Councils
Week 3: Anglican Liturgy and the Dominical Sacraments
Week 4: Becoming a Disciple-Making Disciple
Week 5: Anglicans and Church Tradition/Church Fathers
Week 6: Anglican Polity and Anglican Orders
Week 7: Wrap-up: Time for shared reflections and final prayers together

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