An Interesting Interpretation of the Primates Meeting

The blogs are quite active in the aftermath of the Canterbury meeting.  I also see that the discipline of TEC has made national news (with spin).  No shortage of opinions and interpretation.  I am not going to devote much more time and attention to this right now, but this article provides an interesting perspective on why most the GAFCON Primates stayed engaged in the meeting.

One thought on “An Interesting Interpretation of the Primates Meeting

  1. We must trust the GAFCON Primates. They have shown themselves to be faithful and faith-filled bishops. They expect repentance, and will not settle for less. Fellowship requires true repentance, but repentance cannot be forced. Sanctions usually don’t work either, but the point is that TEC has finally been named as an offending party. That’s huge! TEC was the first to offend, Canada followed. It is proper to start at the beginning when one wishes to unravel a twisted strand.

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