St Peter’s Anniversary Is Approaching, But Which Date?

St Peter’s was consecrated as a new mission/church plant on March 24th, 2012.  Our charter also identifies this as the Saturday following the Fourth Sunday in Lent.  This raises an interesting “Anglican” question.  Which day should we celebrate?

The Christian calendar is anchored by two holiday cycles: Advent-Christmas-Epiphany and Lent-Easter-Pentecost.  Christmas is always on December 25th, because it is set by the solar calendar. For that reason Christmas can fall on any day of the week.  Easter, on the other hand, may fall anywhere between  March 22nd  April 25th, because it was set in relation to the Jewish Passover, which is determined by the lunar calendar, the phases of the moon.  The flexibility of Easter’s date allows it to always fall on Sunday, where it belongs!  Christmas has to fall  wherever the 25th happens to be.

I think Saturday is a good day to celebrate.  So I vote for marking our anniversary by the church calendar in relation to Easter.  This year the Saturday after the Fourth Sunday in Lent is March 12th.  So mark your calendars and begin thinking of what we might want to do to make it a great day of celebration and thanksgiving.



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