Post Face Book Blogging

Dear Friends,

I ended my brief relationship with FB for good last week.  I was a very late joiner and now a fairly early leaver.  I’ll miss it, but I’ll have more time to devote to other things that matter more.

My neglect of this blog coincided with my joining FB.  I used FB mainly to share interesting articles and videos that might have shown up here otherwise. Now they will.

Restricting myself to this platform will have a beneficial filtering effect, I think.  If I hesitate to share something on my “rector’s blog” I should think twice about sharing it at all.  It is a dangerous illusion for ministers to imagine they can have a “private” identity.  That said, this blog is not the voice of St. Peter’s Anglican Church.  It is the “Rector’s Blog” — this Rector, me.

I will from time to time be sharing things produced by non-Christians. Don’t assume that if I share it I agree with it, or endorse it.  Some will be food for thought or critiques from the “outside” that I think we need to take seriously.

No commitment yet as to how often I will posting.  But it will be a lot more frequently than the last year or so.

With you in Christ,


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