“From Words to Word”

Please mark your calendars for a mini-retreat with Dr. Joe Dongell from Asbury Seminary, Saturday November 9th.  Joe is a New Testament professor, known to most of us from his ministry at St Andrews.

This retreat will focus on reading the Bible in light of its whole message.  John Wesley called this discerning the “whole counsels of God.” Joe suggested this subtitle for the retreat: “Re-Uniting a (too often) Shattered Bible.”

Most of the heresies that have afflicted the church through the ages have come as a result of an unbalanced reading of certain Scriptural texts, emphasizing one at the expense of others.  For this reason some have felt that it is dangerous for untrained people to read the Bible on their own.  But this is not the answer.  The key lies in learning how to read the Bible as a whole revelation of God’s character and purposes.

Joe is a gifted and engaging teacher.  I guarantee this will be a blessing.

We are still working on a location for the retreat.  There are several options within easy driving distance.  We will plan on starting at 8:30 with a continental breakfast and ending at 2:30.  A light lunch will be provided.

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