Thoughts on GAFON II from David Virtue

Some of you are familiar with Rev. David Virtue and his comprehensive blog

Here is one of his latest posts.

Dear Brothers and Sisters
September 27, 2103

There are many faithful Christians in the Anglican Communion – most of them are in provinces affiliated to GAFCON. It is a real faith, founded firmly on the Scriptures. But what can be said about the leadership of the western churches? They love to dress up in fine robes and consort with the powerful, the rich and the famous. Their public pronouncements always compromise and even belittle Christianity. They strain to secure the approval of the deeply decadent society of which they have become spiritual props, never questioning the latest assaults upon the gospel, but persecuting their own clergy and church people when they try to stand up for God’s Word. These leaders are ensuring that the churches in their provinces are emptying at an accelerating pace. So long as they keep their privileges, they don’t care, other than to check occasionally to see that enough money is coming in to keep up the empty facade of a former church hollowed out and echoing like the empty vault it has become. The historic state churches are doomed unless they turn back and reform themselves. There is no evidence whatsoever of that happening in Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Scotland, Ireland, Wales or even England. They are slipping away into the long dark night of history, remembered only in the pages of obscure academic journals. The future belongs with faithful, orthodox leaders, and with the new churches which they will one day plant in our midst as they evangelize the spiritual deserts of western society.

This is one very good reason why this reporter will be at GAFCON II with an accompanying reporter because that is where we believe the future of the Anglican Communion lies. Yes, we are aware that not all the Global South is on board with GAFCON II and there are those in the West who are exploiting that cleavage. But the story is far from told and we will tell it to the world.

The gospel is too precious to compromise. Is it any wonder that bishops and priests in the US and Canada forfeited pensions and parishes to make sure that the gospel would NEVER be compromised and that a witness, however small, is maintained…a candle here and a candle there, but never allowing the wind to blow it out.

Today we say thank you to those missionaries who took the gospel to Africa, sometimes with their own coffins, to plant the seed of the gospel. Though they never lived to see what we see today, we will always be eternally grateful for their witness to the truth. We who are left in the dying West can now look south and east and know that the flame of the gospel shines brightly.

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