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Your Body Tells God’s Story

This talk is by Christopher West, the world’s most effective communicator of John Paul II’s magnum opus “Theology of the Body.” There is no message more needed in our day than this one.

Everyone who encounter’s Christopher’s teaching says the same thing: “If only I had been taught this when I was younger.” It is a powerfully positive and comprehensive BIBLICAL vision of human sexuality that doesn’t get hung-up in the particular dos and dont’s but presents the glorious purposes of God for human beings as male and female in an irresistible way. Good for high school age and above.

Special Treat: Here is a dramatized abridged version of John Bunyon’s Holy War told by a master story-teller.  It is a vivid and convicting allegory of the Christian life depicted in the conquest and rescue of the castle of “Mansoul.”  If you have kids at home, don’t miss this one. Click here.

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This message by Rev. Peter Marshall, Chaplain of the US Senate, demonstrates just how much truth and inspiration can be packed into 6 minutes!  It was preached in 1942 during the early days of WWII.  Marshall was originally from Scotland, as you will soon discover.

Dr Dennis Kinlaw–“Bigger Than You Anticipated Better Than You Dreamed”

This might be one of the most inspiring and encouraging messages you will ever hear.     It could not be more timely.

Dr Dennis Kinlaw–Bigger Than You Anticipated Better Than You Dreamed

Paris Reidhead — “Two Shekels and a Shirt”

Alan Redpath — “A Saved Soul and a Wasted Life”

Dr. Dennis Kinlaw — “Abraham’s Faith”

Testimony of Robert Stewart Royster 1973

Dennis Kinlaw: Stewart Royster Memorial Service

Fr Jason Patterson — Anglican Prayer: Theology of Worship