We highly recommend these sermons by various speakers.

This message by Terry Fullam casts a vision for a radical approach to church governance, which St. Peter’s adopted six years ago.  We can bear witness that it works!

“Headship and Unity” Rev. Terry Fullam St. Paul’s Episcopal Church, Darien, CT



“Taking Your Hands Off What God Wants to Do Dennis Kinlaw This message was preached on 3-13-97 at the close of Asbury College’s Annual Holiness Conference.

“John 3: The Meaning of the New Birth in Context” Dennis Kinlaw. This is a deep teaching message that comes to a radical conclusion. Well worth an attentive listen.

“The Story of Marie-Cecile” Dennis Kinlaw. This is the closing illustration of the message on John 3. It is particularly meaningful for those who struggle with the question of why God allows bad things to happen to good people.

The following two messages was preached at the Fall Revival at Asbury College on 9-12-78 (the start of my sophomore year) by William Coker, NT professor.

“God Chose You”

“Willing To Be His Disciple”