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“Heaven on Earth: Little Gidding and Shaker Village

Two Visions of Religious Community”

Joel and Brittany Sams

Part 1 – Heaven on Earth: Historical and Religious Context

Part 2 – Beliefs in Each Community

Part 3 – Day to Day Life

Part 4 – Built Environment “What is the significance of place when it comes to your community?”

Part 5 to come…

Mary Mayfield’s Family Story

In this recording Fr. Mark reads a portion from The Holy Longing by Ronald Rohlheiser on “The Unforgivable Sin.”  This is a topic that many sincere Christians have found disturbing.  Some people live in fear that they may be guilty of it.  We believe this brief teaching provides sound Biblical and psychological insight into what Jesus meant and what it means for us today.

Unforgivable Sin

If you would like to have a CD of any messages, just send us an email request at Holbert August 6th 2017 Adult Ed “Learning Why and How to Fast”

A great collection of Dr. Dennis Kinlaw’s sermons can be found here.

1 John Bible Study Series by Dr. John Oswalt

John Oswalt: 1 John Study Part 1

John Oswalt: 1 John Study Part 2

John Oswalt: 1 John Study Part 3

John Oswalt: 1 John Study Part 4

5. Norman Wirzba on the difference between “Nature” and “Creation”

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