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The church without the Eucharist is not the church — interview with John Zizioulas

From a fascinating interview with Metropolitan John Zizioulas:

The Church of Greece will broadcast the Holy Liturgy via the Internet. Some in America will do the same. What is your opinion?

I don’t agree with the Divine Liturgy being transmitted by television. I’m confined to my home and will not be able to attend Liturgy. However, I will not turn the television on in order to watch the Liturgy. I consider that an expression of impiety. It is impious for someone to sit and watch the Liturgy.

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The Malaria Drug

Anyone who has lived in a malaria zone is familiar with chloroquine. In Kenya you can buy it over the counter the way you might buy aspirin or an antacid.  People have taken it daily for years as a preventative. It still has some value as a cure, though many strains of malaria have developed a resistance to it.

Whether chloroquine works on COVID-19 seems uncertain, depending on who you ask.  But it has brought malaria and COVID-19 into the same conversation.  The CDC reports that about 1,200 people die of malaria ever day of every year. We’ve gotten used to this number.  It is already factored into the global economy.